Snapmaker 2.0 Quickswap Toolhead Plate Models (DXF nad 3mf)

Hey wonderful people, check out the toolplate models and DXF file. Maybe you can use it in your designs for something.


Do you actually have yours?
Every time I grouse to customer service about another product launch, meanwhile I am still waiting for the Quick Swap kit to ship, I get some ‘Oh we’re sorry you don’t like the frequency with which we release new products’ nonsense. Completely missing the point that I’d like an update on where we are in the release process for the product I’ve already purchased.

Thanks for these though.

Yeah, mine arrived on time. I guess I was amongst the first people to order, there were three batches of shipping available, I picked the earliest - late august. And got it like Aug 31st or something close.
There also was September and October if I remember right.

I’ve made a wall mount since then

Hopefully your order will start moving ASAP. Sorry you have to wait longer.

Yeah, I ordered it in the second batch.
The frustration is more with the total lack of communication while one new product/accessory after another is getting announced and shipped.
I was on the original kickstart for the 2.0 and they had better communication on that project.