My Snapmaker broke

Hello and happy new year. This is just an Info not an fix.

I was so happy with my little machine Printing all kind of things but yesterday my Z Axle went in the wrong direction and broke the extruder. I was so pissed I mounted all the parts in a different position but the machine was doing the same shit. Calibrating works fine. I was printing the same part at least 4 times so it can’t be the GCode. I have to send it bach what a pity.


Please fill in the warranty request ( and attach a video or several pictures and describe the problem in detail.
Our support team member will try to find the solution and feedback for you.
Thank you

Mine is doing the same thing despite firmware upgrade. No idea where the z-axis is. Continues to go up, up, up. Had this thing 48-hours and is about to be returned.