SnapMaker 2.0 Enclosure

look there, incl. the comments:

Nice build! But that is not 100% out of the box.

for sure… mounting the door at the other side can’t be 100% out of the box.

What are the Prices of the 3 Enclosures?

The prices of the new enclosure for the A350, A250 and A150 are $449, $375 and $299 respectively. Thank you.

in another post (MDF Cut by laser module?) @Edwin mentioned that an 8W laser will be available soon. can the enclosures really protect from such a powerful laser? seems to me if you haven’t even tested the OD of the enclosure how can you know that an errant beam wont shoot through the acrylic and light my house on fire? after all an 8W laser can etch stainless steel, and will easily ignite paper and wood products. if you did not intend for the enclosures to be used with the high powered laser module, are you going to be providing another enclosure to remove toxic gasses and protect us usurers? or should we be looking into designing our own safety systems?

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Right now I’m thinking about cancelling my enclosure Pre-order regardless of any od measurements. There are rather big gaps at the doors and where the hole for the touch panel is. In Germany you would never be allowed to use it in business without personal laser protective gear. As for me I have two little kids. That raises the desire for a real protection even more.

Here a test of a German youtuber.

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Just got my enclosure and assembled it yesterday. So I do not have much experience with it yet, but wanted to share my initial feedback. Keep in mind this is all based on the A350 version.


  1. Overall it went rather well. All pieces were in perfect condition although I will say there were an excessive number of the door sliders (needs 4, mine came with 10) which made me keep checking if I somehow missed some. There were also excess bolts, but only a couple per type so more along the lines of “reasonable spares”.
  2. The frame assembled picture (Step 10) was very useful and helped me find some errors I frustratingly made, despite all the help at the steps I had messed up.
  3. Fit of pieces seems pretty decent. While there are some fairly minor gaps at corners of the plastic and such (excluding the decent size gap around the touchscreen) everything is pretty stable and solid.
  4. The only “broken” part I would somewhat claim are the magnets on the door handle areas. 3 have already come unstuck and needed to be reattached, so I think their adhesive tape needs a bit of work.

All that being said there are a areas that might be good for future adjustment.
Areas for improvement:
5) Cable lengths. The extension cable for the Snapmaker to the enclosure needs to be longer. The other cables it came with hide away in the tracks nicely, but this one just runs across. There should also be an extension for the touchscreen and USB ports. While the touchscreen cable extends long enough, it’s coiling is fairly tight and it is obviously straining. I use the USB extensively so now it is not as easy to get to. I ran a USB extender cable out the power supply port in the back plastic. It would be nice to have had one included and a actual opening for it made (or several optional spots, with one USB connector and plugs for the rest) in the acrylic. Finally the power supply to the Snapmaker. It must now be placed further away and it would have been good to have a longer cable to position it elsewhere.
6) Angled track for top front above door. Having an LED strip capable track there would have been nice, to shine down on the front of an object not just the sides. One of the side LED strips could have a connector at the end also and just plug in there. Or (possibly in addition) have the front vertical tracks on either side of the front door have LEDs.
7) Additional panel gaps/mounting. The acrylic panels cover the whole outside well, but there are no real convenient gaps in the edges to allow for future add ons, optional creations, or modifications. What if I want more than one filament holder? What if I wanted to mount filament storage on top?
8) Alternative panels… Still on the panels, it might be nice to offer alternative ones in the future. What if someone needs the vent fan at the back left, or on the side panel?
9) Gap around touchscreen. This is fairly obvious and a possible fix might be a rubber trim piece on the inside of the hole so the touchscreen rests against it. Even with a slight recess from the front of the plastic it would not be a problem.
10) Door indication in enclosure display on touchscreen. Just a nice touch… You have the image of the enclosure, why not make it a full mimic? Lights and fan in, plus image changes to show doors are open. Purely cosmetic but things like that are nice touches.

I may have more as I use it more. Also feel free to ask questions or for clarification.

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Could someone that has the A350 enclosure measure the length of each of the modular rails and post here? Thanks!

This is not that easy to say, few alu profiles are triangular and overlapping.
What exactly do you want to know?

The manual shows a set of 24 beam parts (24-1 and 24-2, which look to be parts establishing width and height of the enclosure) and some 48 beam parts that look like width and depth components. If you have the lengths for those, that would be helpful. Really all I’m looking for is the lengths of one of each of the structural members for width, depth, and height of the enclosure, absent any doors, hinges, brackets, etc.

If it does not get answered before, I will try to get them tonight. The depth is the 48s, height and width use the 24s. Doors and acrylic do not add much unless open (need to account for that in spacing on a workbench).

Although I did think of another piece of feedback. More rails COULD be the same I think. The vertical rails (except door sensor one) could all be the same (if they are not already). The two LED bars could be the same if an LED connector had been put at both ends (which would help adding additional LEDs as well). The bottom side bars could also be the same, just ignore the slide points on the left side (of course, someone could buy a second side door option then, which would be handy depending on your positioning). All the front and back, top/bottom bars could probably be made the same IF again you ignore the Sliders for the back (or have an optional door, again nice) AND make it so the extension box is able to be mounted as needed (not already fixed). Personally, I would have preferred it on a vertical bar than top anyways.

@JKC20 @Edwin
I’ve asked this in another topic before, but as I got no answer, I’ll ask again here:

Does anyone know the specs of the enclosure fan?
(If they are different, I especially want to know the one from the 350 enclosure).

Thank you!

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The fan (A350 enclosure, but I assume all) specs are:
Manufacturer: Shenzen Xinyujie Technology Co. Ltd.
Model: XYJ24B8020H
Width/Height: 80mm
Thickness: 20mm
Voltage: 24vdc
Amps: 0.25A


Got the measurements as closely as I can get them (tiny bit of rounding to the mm, which these were obviously engineered to versus Imperial):
24 = 550mm (21 11/16")
48 = 800mm (31 15/32")


Yep, same here, and on Facebook several people having the same problem.

I like this by the way. Also with A350 there came more screws than needed, which I consider a nice detail.

I am totally happy with a couple extras (depending on size of the part or number of parts) but 10 when you need 4 is a bit much. Although I did find a use for one of them mounting a new shower handle I printed… :smile:


On the falling off door magnets: I was just sitting here at my computer when behind me, where the enclosure sits, I heard a scraping, metallic noise. Turns out two door magnets tore off and juped at each other. It seems they are that strong that their mutual attraction is enough to rip the sticky tape off… I guess I’ll have to fix them with some other tape…

@staff: You need to improve that on coming enclosures :slight_smile:


My solution (so far) has been to clean the black tape off the smaller sensor magnets at the center of the two doors then put a drop of gel-type cyanoacrylate (super glue) on each and hold them in place with another magnet on the opposing side until dry. Few days later they are still on there.