Size needed for the 350?

Hi Snapmaker Pals,

I’m presently redoing my workspace and I need to get my head around how much space I should save for the 350. Could anyone take a tape measure to theirs and give me the size of the thing accounting for the 3D printing movement? (I know it will need some space before and after but no idea how much.) I’m considering the IKEA Ivar system and they have 50cm deep shelves and I’m curious if that would be enough or if I am going to need closer to 70. Infos welcome!

Thanks in advance,

Hey, it’s not that easy to messure. There are a lot of “flying” cables and the power unit is laying around.
I think the easiest and safest way for you is to take the enclosure dimensions for your needed space:


One thing to note is that the enclosure for the A350 is huge. There is a huge difference if you want to use the machine with or without the enclosure. The dimensions of the A350 are provided here.

Thanks so much for this! Really helpful for studio planning and also for possible flexible enclosures I could build myself. Is there any more technical infos on the CNC machine specs? They are thin on the site and it’s the bit I’m most excited about, that and the real XLCNC expansion that’s coming. :smiley:

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Are these the in use dimensions as the build plate moves past the plinth when printing?

Yes, it’s the maximum.