FYI Specs for Snapmaker 2.0

Here are some specs for Snapmaker 2.0 for your reference:

Hi Edwin,

Thank you. I have that link. There seems to be some issues with dimensions of SM2 in relation to the machine size vs. the enclosure size. The A150 and A350 don’t appear to fit within their enclosure based on the specifications. Of course they do, so there’s something missing somewhere.

The link you supplied also doesn’t have things like speeds for the linear rails, the input/output power for the CNC, maximum feed rates, etc.

I’m also chasing the weights for the various modules.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the spreadsheet I’ve been developing, perhaps you have suggestions for entries and values for missing items?

Look forward to hearing from you.


Over the past 10 days I’ve been steadily gathering more information to add to the specs spreadsheet I’ve been working on.

I’d like some feedback on how best to represent add-on modules. At the moment I’ve got the four SM models as columns and their various modules as rows.

Is this the most helpful layout for you?

I’ve also added information like fan specifications, shipping weights, firmware versions, compatibility and announced modules and their compatibilities. The information for SM Original is a little thin on the ground, if you have information regarding that, please let me know, or add a comment to the spreadsheet.

I’ve added the Z-Axis extension as a column, since it impacts the work space dimensions for each module.

I’ve added the SM1 Laser module as a column, so it can be compared with the SM2 laser.

Feedback welcome!

The spreadsheet is open for comment from anyone, please don’t hesitate to make suggestions or corrections.

I still can’t find the correct/updated dimension of the new SM2! The spec page is wrong but still not updateed. Unbelivable! :frowning:

What is the power of the CNC module in kw?

Also what is the maximum feedrate?

No-load feedrate: 11800RPM

I don’t mean RPM, I mean work/jog speed

Here are the default settings.

What is the maximum speed I can set work speed to? Not the default, but the fastest safe speed for CNC?

The maximum working speed is based on the material you want to carve. The harder it is, the slower it should be.

For example, when we carve jade, we will set the working speed as 50 - 70 mm/s and step-down 0.05mm per.

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What is the fastest with light load or no load?

9000mm/min is the maximum before the pulses can be missed.

If you REALLY want to push things, see here: Homing feedrate in Z slower than in X and Y - why? - #4 by Tone. In my experience even X and Y moves over 9000 can result in lost steps.

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According to the specification of the Brushless DC electric motor, the spindle speed is 12000 ± 10% RPM with no load.


He he. He he. He said “over 9000”.


Only in the English version.