Snapmaker 2.0 A350 looking for a new home, FREE, just pick it up, Pensacola

Getting into other things and need the space quick, original A350, other than dust pretty good conditions, everything works as it should, needs new 3D printing mat, that’s it and a few extras.
Yes, as I said, giving it away, just pick it up, no money exchange unless you want to.


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That’s generous, id pick it up for a local school, but I’m on the opposite side of state.

Jacksonville? Well, the issue with this machine is very heavy and would cost some money to ship, more troublesome is to pack it again as it came in, all original packaging. Local school would be a fine home for it. Your decision. I don’t think it would cost less than 100 or so to ship and some for taking the time to disassemble it and pack it.

Is there anything wrong with it? does it come with all the tool ends and everything to make it function?

@Littlefeet13 It says on the first post that it works :slight_smile: And it’s free.

I’m all the way down at the tip and lower. The keys. Seems like shipping to my neck of the woods with my commercial account is about $30. It’s the labor of packing it all.

Hopefully someone close can pick it up.

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Nothing is wrong, it functions as it did the first day, many extras and cnc bits. The only thing that needs replacement is the 3D printing mat as I said. If shipping is $0 dollars for me, it needs to be packed carefully and I’m almost certain it won’t be exact the same way it came. Have a very close UPS location, Fedex not so much. Taking it apart and making sure none of the screws are missing and so forth is the headache. Lets do something then, lets round it out, if you pay 30 or so dollars for shipping, send me $75 and will be packed in a day, give me a week to ship, I’m out of town right now. Books and instructions are all there too, what do you think?

Nothing is wrong, still all original plus a few extras, specially for CNC, extra plates and bits, quite a few.

Do you have venmo/PayPal to send me an invoice?

Sold then! Paypal is ok, but I prefer Zelle if your online banking have that feature, no charges or fees that way.

Nope, for some reason zelle isn’t going to be implemented where I bank. They are going through merger, maybe after it.
I’ll send you pm with my PayPal account.

No problem.

Darn it… wish I would have signed up yesterday. I am in Tampa and would have grabbed this. Nice catch!

I’ll take it and I’ll pay for shipping cost.
Email me