Selling My Snapmaker A350 w/ 1.6Watt Laser

Snapmaker A350, 3D Printer never used (3 Spools of red clear and blue filament and new Borosilicate Glass), 1.6 Watt Laser, extra CNC wasteboard (Original not eaten up), all instructions, boxes (not taking it apart though) and numerous supplies worth hundreds of dollars. I just don’t have the time to play with it. Here are some of the supplies (See pictures)

  • Expoxy Resin and color additives
  • Numerous types of wood slats, blocks, sliced branches, etc
  • Slate plates with rubber stoppers underneath
  • Numerous CNC Bits and different size collets
  • Snapmaker Tool Kit
  • Cedar Chunk
  • Wood cutting boards for engraving
  • Metal thermos bottles and tumbler to engrave

How much for everything?

$1500, but that’s picking it up with me taking it apart. You can take all the boxes with it.


Where are you located?

Stuttgart Germany until January


Oh well
A little too far to pick up for me.
I’m in the United States.


I am moving back Jan 10 and shipping it. If i ship it, I am keeping it.