Snapmaker 2.0 10w Laser Full WorkSize

Hello Snapmaker-Friends,

I got a problem with using the full size of the A350 work space (350mmx320mm) with the luban software.
Somehow I seem to not fully understand how to configure the positioning right.

I hope someone here is willing to explain what I am doing wrong! :slight_smile:

I got a 350x320mm mdf plate which I simply try to engrave. I used a full size rectangle on the outer lines to check my settings:


Just engrave this line as far to the end of the plate as I can.

But everytime I start the job, the Line won’t be where I want it to be:

It starts way to early and it also ends to early.
I am sure I make some mistake but I am too blind to see it!

Help appreciated!
Thanks in advance,

It seems you didn’t set your work origin (right).
Did you set it before?

Before generating the code of your model you could set where your work origin is.
The cross (0|0) is the work origin, you could center the model or allign.

Maybe it would be easier to set your rectangle to the 0|0 of x|y, then could your work origin also there and you don’t have to figure out or calculate the correct distance.

hi xchrisd,

seems you are right, I miscalculated the work origin. Thats super odd, is there any offset to the X/Y of the Laser focus point and the coordinates?

Is there any guide how to correctly calculate the work origin?

I solved my problem with a lot of tests and measuring.
I marked the exact middle of the plate manually. Then I set the work origin manually on the machine screen. But for my next project I am not quite sure how to get the right origin without doing all that tests again.

For this project, as I said before, the Material was 320x350, exactly the size of the snapmaker plattform. The perfect Workorigin for this was:

Thats the weird part for me. I get the 175mm (350/2, it’s the middle, right!) but why is it 169mm?
320/2 = 160, why is there a 9mm offset? Thats exactly the offset I posted up here as problem…
Just to get sure, I checked the plate size, exactly 350/320mm

I solved this issue but is there someone who can explain this to me?
Otherwise I would ask the support about it.

best regards

I made a guide locating the machine origin and how to make a repeatable setup.

Maybe this would be of help to you. My origin with the 1.6W is -2,15 and with the 10W is -5.5,9.


Guess what, there is also an offset in X when you use camera capture.
The thing prints to the left of where it shows on the screen…

As for setting work origin for non-camera printing. I also found that for instance 0,0 is not the exact bottom corner, so I end up having to go and fiddle about with the X and Y until the “run boundary” appears to be correct. But I am not happy at the inaccuracy that arises from basing a run on visual checks as in “does it look right?”. That is not how it should work,

The whole work origin thing really should be a) better explained and b) a more accurate representation of what one sees on the Luban screen. My 2 cents.