Laser Bed Coordinates

I’ve opened a support case with snapmaker regarding this issue. However, I thought I’d post what I’m dealing with here so that others can benefit from the results as well as the information I’ve collected.

Objective: Create a jig or holder for various projects that allow me to consistently reproduce a work with repeatable coordinates/work origin.

Problem: No matter how many times or methods I try (Luban or touch screen) to set the work origin the system defaults to some other x,y center.

I have an Snapmaker 2.0 A350 which has a 320mm x axis and 350mm y axis laser engraving capability (according to Snapmaker specs). However, the physical dimensions of the print bed are 320mm x axis and 365mm y axis.

Luban Software version 3.13.1

Information that may help you in similar efforts.
The 4 slotted metal base plates are 8cm (80mm) wide along the x axis. There are 16 slots per base plate.
Each slot is 3.8mm wide and separated by a 1.1mm divider.
To calculate the spacing for a jig that sit inside the slots you have to consider when the base plates meet.
Each plate starts with a 1.1mm divider (2.2mm total) and the gap between the plates is .6mm for a total of 2.8mm.

As the slots are in one direction is is difficult to determine the y center. I used whiteout and a stencil to mark the center right on the base plate. Not the most accurate method but short of machining x axis notches it was simple.

Let me know if you have ideas or methods for creating jigs that sit in the base plate and provide 1mm accuracy for reproducible etches. Thanks.

Never had any problem with this.
It’s annoying that the SM doesn’t save the work origin between settings like it does on cnc. But the default work origin is always the same for me.

When I’ve set up a jig I either align the piece and then fasten the jig or I adjust the work origin and just make sure I take a picture of it.

On some things (especially if just doing engraving) I just use the cnc work bed. I engraved a series of circles and rectangles that make it easy to tell that a piece is centered. The one thing to remember with the cnc bed is to adjust your height accordingly if you’re using autofocus (Mine is 4.1mm thicker than the laser bed).