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Thank you very much for this!

There’s a ton of useful links for a newbie like me.



Dear all, I’ve added a very cool puzzle I designed for the MyMiniFactory challenge. Easy print for your SnapMaker without support or any raft settings.


@doug Can you please helping me out ?

I’m trying the cnc router now for the first time, but I definitely don’t know where to start !
So many questions, which like ;

  • I can’t find my assets folder in F360 to add the snapmaker file, although I’ve watched different yt movies, it looks like this free student version isn’t able to change my settings ?

  • I can’t unfold the file I got from the snapmaker documents folder, ?! Why isn’t it in a zip instead of this rare .tar.gz file ? How does this work.

  • Is there another way to start with F360, without updating the software with snapmaker settings ? A similar system setting that wwould work ?

  • So, I’ve an image, how do I get it ready for cnc milling? Which kind of CNC milling do I have to choose? Am I able to change the scale of the image, like I can using the laser engraving software/section ?!

@Rainie I think the CNC module is by far the hardest part of the Snapmaker to understand, I hope truly you, Snapmaker in General, make it more easy for absolute beginners to start with cnc milling, because I red the installation wizzard a couple of times, watched video’s and still don’t know what to do… it is demotivating to get this thing (and myself :joy:) to work.

Please give more attention to this module, as far as I’ve seen im images and video’s, it’s a realy cool thing to master. But this far, that module is staying there and waiting “So, now what?” :rofl::wink:


Hi @Meike

Alas I have not used my CNC and as such a beginner try Leonardo Deng

I believe his user-id is @Leonardo

Have fun… I will be calling on you for CNC advice





We’ve released a new tutorial video for the laser engraving/cutting feature on the Snapmaker Original. The new video showcases how to navigate the user-friendly Snapmaker Luban and set up the machine for laser engraving/cutting. It also provides useful tips and tricks for new users!


A new video for the CNC feature on the Snapmaker Original is out! You can check out the video here.

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It’s cool project, am waiting for my SM2 to begin ideas to reality.

@Tone, thankyou for doing this for the community - there is lots of stuff to learn and look at.



Having trouble editing this wiki, I’ll have a play off-line and see if I can clean it up so we don’t exceed the forum limits.

Meanwhile, for reference:

Under How to’s:

@Jameracho, A350 3D Printing Bed Calibration Guide - Google Doc

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Section Added By Description External Resource
Things to make CthulhuLabs Accessory mount
Things to make Leonardo Battery Boxes
Things to make CthulhuLabs Bit Fan
Things to make jstncrft Chess Puzzle Board
Things to make freeman Easy Clamp for Snapmaker
Things to make hank Cookie Cutters
Things to make TheBum CNC Dust Fence
Things to make Tone Dial Indicator Mount - SM2
Things to make doug Dust Cover
Things to make Ardjan Filament Spool & Tool Holder
Things to make jstncrft Filament Spool Adapter
Things to make by Waldo Honeycomb Buzzle easy puzzle to print on SnapMaker
Things to make Darren LEGO mount
Things to make kelvin8r Minimal Spool Guide
Things to make CthulhuLabs Part Cooler Shroud
Things to make [Part Cooler Shroud 2 - Fractalengineer]
Things to make Tone Part Cooling Shroud 3
Things to make kelvin8r Pi Camera Mount
Things to make doug R2D2 Egg Cup
Things to make doug Rotary Adapter
Things to make Leonardo SnapBox
Things to make Thingiverse Creater, royaljelly, waldo [Snapmaker Accessories Storage Box]
Things to make doug Temperature Tower - Better
Things to make lman Tool Storage seat
Things to make kelvin8r Tool Storage 2 Z top
Things to make jstncrft Universal Brackets
Things to make Rick Vibration Dampers
Things to make Various [A broad collection of projects for the Snapmaker at Thingiverse]
CNC doug 2D Chinese Dragon
CNC George Guy [Feeds & Speeds for Wood]
CNC Doug Parsons [Plastic Cutting CNC Router Bits]
Accessories Jihun Easy Clamp for Snapmaker
Accessories doug Multi Color Filament Mixer
Accessories doug Multi Color Filament Mixer
Accessories daemionfox Multi Color Print Head
Accessories daemionfox Multi Color Print Head
Accessories kelvin8r OctoPi
Accessories kelvin8r [OctoPi - OctoPrint Forum]
Accessories kelvin8r [OctoPi - OctoPrint Docs]
Accessories Tone Nickle Plated Nozzle
Accessories [Touchup Tool]
Accessories [Touchup Tool Lower Cost]
Software Tone [Free Block Drawing Program]
Software Tone [Free Block Drawing Program]
Software doug [FreeCAD Manual:Preparing models for 3D printing - an interesting read, especially on converting to Meshes]
How To xchrisd 3d Print Guide_Walk Through
How To Jameracho A350 3D Printing Bed Calibration Guide Google Doc
How To doug [Cura Tutorial]
How To doug [Best Glues, Epoxies, and Plastic Welds for 3D Printing - Part 1]
How To doug [Getting started with Fusion 360 - a good video to start learning from]
How To doug [Fusion 360 - Tutorial for Absolute Beginners— Part 1]
How To doug [Fusion 360 - Tutorial for Absolute Beginners— Part 2]
How To doug [Fusion 360 - Tutorial for Absolute Beginners— Part 3]
How To doug [Fusion 360 - Foundation Concepts - A series of great short video’s]
How To doug [Fusion 360 - How to create embossed text]
How To doug [Fusion 360 - Split Face & Split Body]
How To doug [How To - Avoid clogs with PLA Composites and all-metal hotends]
How To doug [How to Smooth PLA 3D Prints]
How To doug [How to Anneal Your 3d Prints for Strength]
How To doug [How to find the perfect temperature for your 3D prints!]
How To doug Painting with Oil Based Pens
How To Tone [Printing with Nylon]
How To doug Working with PLA Filament
How To doug [The Ultimate Guide to 3D Printed Text]
How To doug [The Ultimate Guide to 3D Printed Text]
How To doug [3D Printing Tech Tips: Infill Percentage and Pattern Explained]
How To doug [Simplify3D - Improved 3D Printing Success!]
How To doug [Picking a 3D printer nozzle and installing it!]
How To doug [Simplify3D - Different Settings for Different Regions of a Model]
How To doug [Over-Extrusion – Tips and Tricks to Solve It]
How To doug [3D Printing 101: How To Fix a Clogged Nozzle Using a Cold Pull! - Suggested by James Bricknell]
How To doug [Annealing PLA Prints for Strength – 2 Easy Ways]
How To doug [3D Printer Bed Adhesion – All You Need To Know]
How To doug [How to Set Up OctoPrint on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ – 3 Easy Steps]
How To Doug Parsons [TinkerCAD - YouTube Channel]
How To Snapmaker [How to Use the Laser Engraving Feature?]
How To Snapmaker [How to Use the CNC Feature?]
How To Snapmaker Remove Blob
How To Snapmaker Laser settings for different materials
How To Snapmaker Cleaning the Linear Module
How To Snapmaker Leveling the Heated Bed
How To Snapmaker What should I do if the filament is broken in the 3D Printing Module?
How To Snapmaker What should I do if the first layer does not stick to the heated bed?
How To Snapmaker What should I do if the laser engraving module cannot work anymore?
How To doug [The Best Way to 3D Print Threads; Nuts, and Bolts]
How To doug [Step-by-step easy guide: designing and 3D printing threads]
How To doug [3D Printing Threads and Screws – A Simple Guide]
How To Edwin SnapMaker Original Repair Tutorial
Source code Snapmaker Announcement
Source code Tone [G-code Wiki]
Source code Tone [G-code Wiki]
Source code Tone [Releases - The most current Luban]
Source code Snapmaker [Snapmaker G-code Google Docs Reference (incomplete)]
Troubleshooting rojaljelly [Troubleshooting]
Misc Tone [36 Colors PLA - 16’ each - Includes 6 Glow in the dark]
Misc doug [3D Printer Nozzle Comparison Guide]
Misc jstncrft Filament Tube
Misc doug [ABS Bed Adhesion Tips & Tricks]
Misc rojaljelly [Filament Properties Table]
Misc doug [Free ‘Beginner’s Guide to 3D Printing’]
Misc doug [Complete 3D Printing Filament Comparison Guide - 2018]
Misc doug [PLA Filament Guide 2018 – Explained & Compared]
Misc doug [Complete 3D Printing Filament Comparison Guide 2019]
Misc doug [Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide]
Misc doug [Reviewing 30 different filaments!]
Misc zeveck USA Made PLA – looks to be good quality PLA
Misc doug [Starter Temperatures & Printing Guide]
Misc doug [Octin Stencil]
Misc doug [Octin Prison]
Misc doug [Ultimate 3D Printing Materials Guide]
Misc doug [When should you upgrade the nozzle in your 3d printer?]
Misc doug [The 3D Printer Filament Recycler’s Guide]
Misc doug [Laser Safety]
Misc doug [3D Printer Nozzle Size & Material – What to Know & Which to Buy]
404 Error Tone SparkMaker – SLA printer

Just realised that nobody can actually see the source for my suggested reformatting :frowning:

I had a go at reformatting the wiki, I copied the original into a spreadsheet, attempted to move stuff around so it was in a consistent location, then added standard layout and cleaned up some of the links.

@Tone if you’re agreeable - as the original author, and because I don’t know if there’s a revision history of the wiki, would you like me to copy/paste my post into the main body of your post, replacing its content?

Update: A few of us have been playing with this layout – this is still a work in progress.

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There is a revision history. It’s right at the top right of the original post, It’s currently at 100 with a little pencil and paper icon. After clicking on it you can scroll thru the various versions with controls at the bottom. (Unless that’s only available to me as the original author. ) But I do think it was clickable before I logged in.



Excellent job. Well done.

John Fiott


Thanks for making this list. As a new user and a first time owner, I am sure that this will be a great resource!


I appreciate the How To but it doesn’t seem to match what I have with the A350. My calibration card does not have a black dot on either side. Also, it’s unclear how to adjust settings while laser is running when using the flash drive. I have been unable to connect to my SM via wifi so I’m sorta left with the flash drive and manual mode.
if there are any new HOW TO’s on this I would sure like to see it.

You can refer to this article.
Snapmaker 2.0 Laser Engraving and Cutting V1.1.0 – Snapmaker