Snapmaker Accessories Storage Box

I created a box for all the accessories that come with the snapmaker a few months ago. Feel free to check it out. Any suggestions to improve the model are welcome.

Here the link to Thingiverse:
Snapmaker Accessories Storage Box



Thank you @Creater
I liked your 3rd version 1.3 where you added the option for an additional nozzle. I then added the Snapmaker logo to the front. Thank you very much for this, it works excellent!


Thanks for the positive feedback. I really like your version with the snapmaker logo. Also the filament color is nice. Is this a special kind if filament or just PLA in grey?

Just PLA in grey. Please let me know if you need any of the files. I think I mentioned that I used the Snapmaker logo from by Michael Paschek (@rojaljelly).

Is it difficult to bring to logo onto my box? I am releasing a new version soon and it would be cool to have that logo on there.

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I struggled a bit but I believe it is due to my inexperience. On the Thingeverse link I tried to explain how I went about. What software are you using to design it? The trick is to “union” the two parts at the end. You are welcome to PM me or contact me on Discord (see Snapmaker Discord). I’m attaching the STL file I cut out of @rojaljelly 's part. Maybe we can get the original from him.

Snapmaker Logo Rev 7.stl (2.0 MB)

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Here you can download my dxf file for the snapmaker logo:
snapmaker.rar (8.5 KB)

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I have done a slight modification to the revised 1.1 box. I was concerned about the base plate brackets adhering to the box when glued, so I slotted the box and added tabs to the brackets for a more secure attachment. It’s in the process of printing now (started last night and is now past halfway).

Accessory (792.6 KB)

Thank you very much @rojaljelly . Unfortunately I have a problem creating a sketch with the dxf file in Onshape. The logo is just way to big and I am unable to scale it down as you can see below. Any idea how to fix this?

Let me know how well this works out for you. I didn’t printed the updated 1.1 myself yet, but I tested some glue on a two millimeter strong PLA rectangle and it was just so strong that I hadn’t any concerns of the plate clips adhering to the box.

I’m using PETG, which is a little harder to glue than PLA.

I was able to get the logo on the updated 1.1 version using Blender. I can do the same for any other version.

Assessory Box with Logo.stl (3.1 MB)

I had to edit the DXF file to change “AC1006” to “AC1009” before the Blender DXF Import Add-in would take it.

Really nice! I didn’t work with Blender so far, but wanted for a long time. I will try it myself.

Be ready to do lots of Google searches and watch lots of YouTube videos. Intuitive, it’s not.

My tool of choice is Fusion 360, but it won’t natively handle high complexity meshes. It has some mesh tools, but they’re not very comprehensive. It’s great for creating complex objects from scratch though.