Snap Build, zone mortalis/necromunda terrain

Making the geek cheap and adding a new hobby. Built and tweaked first STL with snapmaker fairly easily. Snap maker forums has converted to simplify3d (very nice tool) and learning how to use blender (nice but lots to learn)


Looks good! Seems like a tabletop game?

@alan. Yup it’s for 3 table Game work shop variants. Zone mortalis, necromunda and kill team. Honestly I jumped full into this Kickstarter with a lot of research into 3d printers to offset game terrain cost issues. I know there was/is a lot of snapmaker issues but for me I’m 100% satisfied with this machine. Google zone mortalis from Gw forge world and it’s a no brainer. I have tables of terrain that before assembly and painting cost 2-3 times as much as this printer. Individual models (characters) are almost there on printers but terrain printing is here now. 100% buying snapmakers larger print volume upgrade. Here’s to hoping it’s 12 1/2” x 12 1/2” on the xy.