SM2 resets nozzle & bed temps to zero during OctoPrint Session

A bit of a weird, repeatable bug here. Once a successful 3D printing session has started via OctoPrint, any viewing of the current nozzle or bed temps via the built-in Android touch screen (via swipe left to Control) will result in the temp viewed being reset to zero while viewing or upon switching temperature view to the alternate screen (nozzle/bed).

It’s as though the SM2 isn’t aware there’s a remote job being executed via the PC USB connector, and is resetting the temps to zero for safety purposes.

This, if not immediately noticed and MANUALLY set to the desired temp, will result in filament jams, poor bed adhesion and a ruined print, as the temps fall to ambient room temp over a minute or so, while the printer axes continue to hum merrily along…

If I may help with this in any way, please feel free to reply here or contact me via PM-

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Hi, thank you for your feedback. I will forward this to the software team.

Much Appreciated!

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Hi, any update on this? The issue which @TrekLurker reported back in February is definitely still a problem in the latest firmware.

Model: A350
Firmware version: 1.10.20200822

Still happening. Any solutions or workarounds here?

I’ve had this problem in the past, but found that if I made sure the touchscreen was on its start screen before I started the job with Octoprint and didn’t mess with the touchscreen for the duration of the job, everything was fine. It seems like interacting with the touchscreen during a job is what causes the temp reset.

I found the same, the hard way. You’re either using Octoprint or the SM screen. Don’t mix the two, or you’ll run into trouble. It took me a few failed prints to realize that was the issue.