SM2 a350 Crashes after setting origin

Hi, My SM2 a350 has been working fine for about two weeks, and this morning as i go to use it, once i load a job, and set the origin (CNC), as soon as i move the head up and push run boundary the machine crashes and shows " FabScreen has stopped", “open app again”, and it would require a hard power off and on again to work again. Any ideas?

Not the same issue like I had but this sounds like your touchscreen’s config (here: origin value) has become corrupted.

I solved a similar problem by “updating” the firmware again from the .bin file on the USB drive (same version as was already on the machine), did you try that yet? You might lose some config on the way (e.g. wifi profiles/passwords), but it solved touchscreen issues for me.

Thanks for the reply, “kwi” but I set origin, and just started the job without origin, and now its working again, not sure what happened, maybe corrupt gcode.