Can the F350 Fit into Smaller Enclosure?

Good morning!

I am new to SnapMaker and looking to purchase the F-350 model with the 10W laser.

According to the website, the machine size of 19.5”W x 20”D x 23”T will fit my work area perfectly.

But the Enclosure for the A350/F350 is just too big for my space at 34.8”W x 28.1”D x 26.5”T according to the website. That is 15" longer and 8" wider than the machine itself which I just don’t have that much space. Can I use the smaller A250/F250 enclosure that has a smaller footprint? I want to make sure the F350 could fit into the A250/F250 Enclosure width and depth wise? I know that the height would have to be modified to make the F-350 fit into the smaller enclosure, but not sure if the machine will fit W/D because I haven’t seen one of these enclosures in person.

Dimensions according to the website:

  • F350 Machine Overall size: 19.5”W x 20”D x 23”T
  • F350 Enclosure Overall size: 34.8”W x 28.1”D x 26.5”T
  • F250 Enclosure Overall size: 27.1”W x 24.4”D x 22.7”T

Thanks for your help and for your time!

The entire bed moves along the Y-axis when the machine is doing something, so the enclosure needs to accommodate more than the at-rest machine footprint in that direction.

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In short, as mentioned above, the smaller enclosure would give you more issues than it’s worth. This leavers you with the decision to:

  1. Make room for the A350 with enclosure.
  2. Buy the smaller A250 with enclosure.
  3. Make your own enclosure as some others have done on the forum.


have mounted the CNC bed but the laser bed has the same dimensions.
so in the length (15 longer) you can unfortunately save nothing, have the A350T with housing. If the machine bed is moved forward, the housing still 18mm to the machine bed if you have move the laser bed move to the rear end then remain 64mm (But be careful, the print bed still has the connection for the heating bed to the rear).
On the left side seen from the front you have 57mm to the housing, there you could maybe save something.
On the right side, where the controller is mounted and the cables have to be plugged in, you have a maximum of 30mm, then you are almost at the connectors.
Have them still a few pictures attached where I again stop the tape measure, as I said measured in (mm).
1st picture machine bed to the front enclosure (wide shot)

2. picture place machine bed at the front side of housing (close-up)

3. picture place machine bed to back wall enclosure (wide shot)

4th picture place machine bed to back wall enclosure (close-up)

5. left side place from mounted module to left outer wall enclosure

6. right side place from controller with plugged cables to outer wall enclosure.

As you can see, the work here is already very precise, a smaller housing would possibly work in the width, but the length you can not change it is already at a maximum.
And in the width I would say it also makes no sense, otherwise the cables or connectors are too much stressed!

Thank you all for the responses!

Of course, I didn’t even think about the bed needing to move back and forth for the length of the housing! And I appreciate the pictures with the dimensions for reference for the larger enclosure and the A350!