Single Line Vectors for cutting large images

Hello.I am brand new to the forum so apologies if this question is already answered by my issues is this.

When trying to import any sort of large image after I process it from the imported file snapmaker luban will automatically splint any outline into two lines with a white space in the middle I assume if the line is above a certain thickness. This means that when I go to cut the Snapmaker will make two, slightly off passes over the same areas and take twice as long to cut. Is there a way in snapmaker Luban to change this or do I have to figure out how to import thinner lines? Is there a specific file time that will automatically create only a single line for cutting? Im brand new to laser cutting/engraving so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

FYI: I have already tried decreasing the black to white ratio to the lowest it will go and still maintain a solid line and while this does bring the two lines close enough that the cutting is more efficient there are definitely still double passes occuring. Thanks!

Try power and speed factor, my test on photo in lowest . As you can see SM has got a problem with some combination of speed and power.

Hi @wesroberts89
Have you been able to find a solution in the meantime? I actually have the same problem.
Many thanks in advance for an answer