Silently Discontinued?

Snapmaker Original and A150 have disappeared from Snapmaker EU shop. The A150 is being sold at 40 % discount in some shop.
Is there some info about this?

The future of the A150 - #2 by eh9 says support confirmed the A150 is discontinued. I don’t know that anybody has asked about the Original. It used to be available to purchase, but disappeared from the online store sometime in the past month. I’d take that as a sign to stock up on parts.

No, not what I said. What I did say is that I expect all the 2.0 machines to be discontinued soon. No sign otherwise as of yet.

What I’m guessing will actually happen is that they’ll not announce a discontinuation until after they’ve sold through all their existing stock. It would be typical behavior from them, to allow people to believe that the machine is still in production if it’s still for sale and it’s not listed as discontinued. Nope; not these people.

I don’t think they will discontinue the 2.0 anytime soon. Simply because the the size of the Artisan and not everyone wants a giganormous machine. Some people can only fit a smaller machine on their desk.