New Snapmaker 2's? Diverging?

So, Got a rather confusing email today, as I imagine many of you have as well. Apparently there will now be two different models of snapmaker 2? I tried to find info, but there is no announcements anywhere that I can find on the main site or the forums.
Anyone know anything?

There are two new models of 2.0 being released. The F350 (Print head is the only one included) and the A250/350T, which uses new silent chips, steppers, and includes a quieter power supply.

So it sounds like there will be a total of 3 models of the 350, but I expect the old one to die off.

Both of the new ones are available for preorder:

F350 = only fdm
A350 = all 3-in-1 modules
The T model is with the upgraded linear modules

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Looks to me (comparison table) like the F### and A###T share the new linear modules. The F comes with the new filament print module, the A###T comes with all 3.

The only note I can see regarding the power supply change says that its compatible between F### and A###T, but doesn’t say compatible back to A###. So not sure if the new 10W laser module is going to be usable on an existing user’s A###. I hope so. I don’t see why the new print module wouldn’t be back-compatible either…

So A### users are likely going to find themselves out in the cold for linear module replacements - be stuck ‘upgrading’ all 5 linears instead.

As they offer an 50% discount for existing SM2.0 users to upgrade (the 3D Printing Module, the Linear Module, and the Power Module), I assume that the power unit will be compatible.

Interestingly enough my A150 that I bought last month already included the new 3D print head module with additional side vent and gear teeth. They must have started shipping those early with the standard machines and only now made it “offcial”. All I would have to do is get the new linear modules and power supply to get an “A150T”, which begs the question why not have an official A150T machine to buy when all the parts are available to buy separately?

I just checked, and the print head I got with my A350 last week looks to be the new one as well.

I don’t think owners of the standard A### models need to upgrade their power supply to use the new 10w laser module. The included CNC module is rated at around 50w to 60w so I don’t think a 10w laser is going to put a strain on the “older” power supply which is rated at 320w of output power. I think the only real upgrade of the new power supply is it uses a quieter fan (which for the older one you can swap out yourself with a quieter fan from a third party), not that it outputs more power.

That’s awesome :ok_hand: That just confirms it then. I’m really happy with the print quality, it easily rivals my friend’s Prusa Mini Plus which is like the gold standard in FDM print quality. Though to be fair I used filament made by Prusa on my Snapmaker rather than the included filament which I’ve heard is hit or miss.

I own a few heavily modified creality machines, and a Prusa MK3. The A350 comes pretty close to my other machines, and I’m sure with a little toying around, I can get it better.

I’ll be honest, printing was not my #1 or even my #2 reason for this machine, but based on the out of the box performance, if the new machines really are that much quieter, I’d grab an F350 before I grab another Prusa.

I think I saw something about new pretty lightshow (light color tells you what’s going on or something). Meh. That’s not exactly a FUNCTIONAL change.

And yeah, once I hit warranty expired I did the fan replace. Not sure why I waited. Significant difference, and was actually quite easy to do. (Did have to carefully poke the pins out of the connector to flip the polarity to match the one being removed, but otherwise it was just unscrew, disconnect, rescrew.

Compatible sure. But is the 50% discount on the package deal only, or per module? Why replace the power module if not needed? I guess we’ll see the deets when we get the coupons.

Personally I’ve had no problem with the printing module but I’d be willing to get the upgrade one to use the new for standard and old for ‘troublesome’ filament that might risk damaging it a bit more (wood, sinterable metal powdered, whatnot). I think once I had a 10W laser unless there’s no way to PWM it all the way DOWN to the 1.6W level for simple marking or paper cutting, I’d never use the 1.6W again.

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Yeah I just bought an A350 this week. Considering returning it to Microcenter to buy the new model. Some clarity on whether the 50% code is off of the whole kit or just the parts needed to upgrade an A350 to an A350T would be incredibly helpful to make that decision.

What make and model fan did you end using?

What 50% discount? i only see the bundle at $749 and i can buy the whole new printer for $999…
i dont have any mail…

Concerning the more abrasive filaments, just swap out to a hardened nozzle. I’m put about 30 kilos of wood PLA through one of my other machines and have had no wear on the hardened nozzle, I’m assuming the Snapmaker would be no different.

@eacmen I’m in the same boat, but I bought mine directly from Snapmaker.

@scyto They sent out an email after the live stream. If you are using Gmail, check the promotions folder.

Wanna upgrade your current Snapmaker 2.0?
We are offering 50% OFF for Snapmaker 2.0 users
on the 3D Printing Module, the Linear Module, and the Power Module
Pay close attention to your email
Your exclusive 50% OFF code is on the way next week !

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I’m interested to see how far down you can PWM the 10w laser. Sometimes I just need to run it as low as 300mw to 500mw for marking certain materials, I’m a bit skeptical about the 10w laser being able to go down to under 1w but I guess we’ll see. Though for the most part I see myself using the 10w laser for most applications and only needing to go back to the 1.6w module for marking on more delicate materials.

i didnt even wait, did it in week two, made big difference! i even used a resistor to slow it further…

edit - used the same fan @rtrski refers to below.

What make and model fan did you end using?

24V version here:

Aside from needing to flip the pins in the connector (easy enough with a jeweler’s screwdriver to pop them out) it’s a perfect fit.

It’s not exactly SILENT now, but far, far less annoying than it was before. And since I could only buy the package I got spares.

If your’e in the US I’d be willing to parcel a couple out to you but I’d have to charge shipping. Amazon’s probably your best bet still.

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@Boomersnoot do they indicate if the 50% is on the rail bundle or the bundles of the rails+psu+head (aka to get 50% discount are the making buy all new items?)