The future of the A150

Does anyone know if the A150 is being discontinued? It doesn’t seem to be listed on the online store anymore, the enclosure is also out of stock.

They’ve just announced their post-2.0 machine. Expect all of the 2.0 series to be discontinued soon.

I don’t know about discontinued, they still sell the Original. They just don’t talk about it, or do any development on it.

Keeping parts in stock has definitely been a challenge for them. They’re based in China. The various lock downs have caused a lot of issues.

I had E-Mails with the support for the a150 and yes, it is no longer produced. And they also confirmed no new delivery to EU warehouse.

Snapmaker 2.0 as a platform is not going to be discontinued anytime soon, as Artisan is for a higher end consumer/business environment. However, there have been indications that the A150 may be discontinued, as there are very few owners, and no one is purchasing new A150 machines.