[Shop] Ordering from EU store without VAT due to reverse charge

Hello, I’m trying to order a Snapmaker from the EU shop, however since I’m ordering it on behalf of our company (with registered EU VAT number), we need an invoice (and a price) with VAT excluded.

I’ve seen the Snapmaker shopify store doesn’t allow to provide a valid EU VAT number in order to remove VAT and proceed with reverse charge (like what is described here VAT exempt EU business customers in Shopify - Sufio for Shopify), is there anyone else who had this problem and found a solution?

Specifically, I’m an italian customer: is the invoice from an italy company? Because, if it’s not from italy but it is european, it’s mandatory for us to have an invoice without VAT.

Thanks to everybody in advance

Maybe it would be easier for you to order from one of the EU-based authorized redistributors instead of directly from Snapmaker itself? Where to Buy - Snapmaker has a list (you may need to scroll down a bit).

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And no, the invoice is not from an italian nor european company. Snapmaker is Chinese and they do not have an official european branch.

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Hi rockfactory, you can send your question to info@snapmaker.com for answers.

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Thank you all for your detailed responses! I’ll probably buy the snapmaker from a reseller as you kindly suggested, in the meantime I sent a mail in order to check if there are other possibilities. I’ll keep this thread updated anyway in case I find more information.

Hi Rockfacktory, we are in a similar situation.

Did snapmacker answer your question about a vat free purchase when providing a vat id?


I‘m from Germany and submitted my VAT-ID. I got an invoice with my VAT-ID and Snapmakers german VAT-ID. So no reverse charge necessary.

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