Proper invoice needed

I have received the Snapmaker bundle now. However, missing is a proper invoice/receipt.

According to the regulations of the European Union, an invoice must contain the name and address of the seller and state the proper amount of VAT.

Both is missing on the invoice sent by Paypal. Please correct this immediately.



I also ask the European Consumer Centre and since the shop ist not located in the EU and also the shipper is not, there is no need of a vat invoice they told me.
But you can ask snapmaker Support for an invoice and you get a buy confirmation they call invoice.
When you need taxes, you shall have bought on a local EU distributor.

This is not correct, since in the pricing information of your Webshop it is explicitly stated “VAT included”. Consequently, the amount of VAT needs to be shown on the invoice (even if it is 0%).

Secondly, it is necessary the name and address of the seller is shown on any invoice - which is not the case in the confirmation so far.



PM me your Email address and i can Forward you my request and the answer.

I sent a message to after ordering:

Dear Sir or Madam,

for our accounting we need an invoice for the purchase order SMEUxxxxxxxx with VAT shown. Alternatively, an invoice without VAT for an intra-community delivery (our VAT identification number is DE xxx xxx xxx).

With kind regards

Some days later I got a message with a dowload link for our invoice.

Hi Autohaus, I did this as well (and also told them my VAT number). So far, no response.

So I’d appreciate the help of Wyphorn.



I checked my mail. I had to wait about 2 weeks for a response.

We’ll see. Thank you for advice.



OK, the issue is settled: I received a proper commercial invoice stating VAT.

Well done, Snapmaker, excellent response. :+1:

Regards pah