Settings for paper?

Hi All,
Complete noob here, so please forgive my question.
My lovely partner just bought me a snapmaker original & we have set it up and given it a good try for an hour or so, but cannot figure out how to even get an engraving onto paper.
The luban software has no settings for it & I have tried a few of the default, but no luck.
Can anyone please help with settings & what material to set it for?

Plain white printer paper? Don’t bother, it’s coated with something and doesn’t work at all. Get some decent card stock.

Thanks so much. I have decided to make MDF my first try, i never even thought about the paper side of things.

Regular white paper is decent for cutting (if you go slow enough). I don’t have the original (I have a 2.0), but plain white paper reflects so much light it can be challenging. Even with the 1.6W that comes with the 2.0, you have to go slower, like 1000mm/m to get a reliable cut. With the nature of white objects, it means engraving is so finnicky it’s unreliable. A thicker card stock is def better for engraving. MDF is always great for engraves as well, along with most plywoods (I find maple works really well for engraves).

No, it’s that plain white printer paper has clay coating (made for ink jet, laser, etc printers). Nothing to do with reflectivity or blrilliance (say like a metallic surface). If laser penetrates, then it continues to burn and turn to ash. I have white cardstock, art board, etc that cut and etch no problem.