Laser engraving settings

I am wanting to engrave some pictures onto some bamboo coasters. I am currently doing some testing to fine the best settings to get the best result. Does anyone have any setting recommendations?

This is what I have been using as a base (the 1600mW values)


I have been following that guide you link to, but I simply cannot get my 350 laser to cut through plywood.
That is, I have managed to cut through some places with 8 passes for a 3mm sheet of plywood, but not a complete job, unfortunately. I had to cut the rest by hand with a sharp knife to get the parts out properly.

Any suggestions?

I was having issues where things weren’t engraving on wood. And I realised that i actually had the power set to 5% on Luban.

So I would check your power settings (bottom left. Also need to click the little arrow to apply). Or when you create your gcode, use fixed power?

I managed to accidentally cut through 1.5mm plywood with just the default settings for a vector graphic

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Thanks for this. I will check next time.

That link has already been posted as first reply in this thread. :slight_smile:

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For cutting, I use 200mW setting and make number of step down x step depth => material thickness.
I was able to cut through 2.5mm plywood with living hinge.

hello,can you give the right settings for cutting plywood with living hinge,please!!! I tried so many different settings but i cant cut 2 mm plywood with living hinge,right now i’m trying with jog speed 1500mm/min,work speed 69 mm/min,passes 4 pass depth 0,4,power 100,when tried with work speed 120mm it only engrave the hinge

Unfortunately, the guide is missing some critical details about the plywood type in question. Like what kind of wood this refers to. It’s like telling you the 3D print settings for thermoplastics without mentioning whether this applies to PVC, PLA or PEEK for example. In this case it is probably safe to assume that they refer to balsa. You can find some more details for laser wood cutting in general here. You may also find some hints in this thread.


thank you!It’s poplar 2mm, by the way…i’ll keep trying…

I hate to say this more than a year later, but I still can’t seem to get the dang thing to do a true cut. Most recently I tried to do the gift box test pattern on a piece of 2.8mm birch plywood, jog speed 1500mm, cutting speed 85mm, 6 passes with a .6mm cutting depth. Laser at 100%. NOT A SINGLE VISIBLE MARK ON THE BOTTOM. What am I missing?

Hi, you may have a try with the following settings.

Jog Speed: 1500mm/s
Work Speed: 200mm/s
Step down: 0.25mm
Passes: 10

Thank you! I will give it a try!