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The touchscreen connector on the controller of my snapmaker 2.0 fell off inside the controller when I plugged the touchscreen in after installing the enclosure. I contacted support 8 days ago and still haven’t received any information of getting a replacement controller. I just received the snapmaker about 2 weeks ago which was 6 months late already and now who knows when I’ll be able to use this thing. I understand the delay on getting the snapmaker but Customer Service should at least let you know when you can expect to receive a defective part replacement. I hope this isn’t going to be their normal response in getting support.

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It probably will be for a while, as they continue to ship out thousands of units… keep in mind that their service department is like 4 people at most :slight_smile:

Usually they respond within 2-3 days. Occasionally it slips through. I think they may be a little understaffed.
Make sure you get the automated response when you first send.
On the 4th day I’d reply to that again and ask what’s happening.


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Hi @TonyKY

I will try and help by cc’ing Rainie Zou on this one @Rainie

Take care


Thanks Doug, I have tried to be patient but I haven’t been getting any response from my emails.


Be aware that the team is based in Hong Kong, and works in the +8:00 timezone (although this doesn’t excuse the 4 day delay).

For people in the US, that means that they’re starting their workday when you’re finishing yours. So emails in the evenings Sunday - Thursday will have a better chance of getting a quick response.

For people in the EU, that means that they’re finishing their workday when you’re starting yours. So emails before work Monday - Friday will have a better chance of getting a quick response.

If you really want a quick response, their international phone number is listed on the support page.

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I still haven’t received any word as to when the replacement controller will ship. They could at least give me an update as when the part will be available. Very poor communications.