Save function in Luban?

Hi there

I love my SM2, but the Luban software has 1 major problem. The missing save function. And it is so bad that i have stopped using my Snapmaker because of it.

I am using the laser to cut a lot of holes and to engrave a lot of text.
One of the things i’m making has 6 holes in different sizes and 9 different text bits.
So i import an svg that i made in AutoCAD. I adjust the size(for some reason it is always way to big every time i import an svg). Then i type in all of the settings. I start making all of the text’s boxes, and typing in the settings for all of them. Then i use a lot of time putting it all in just the right places and then finally i can generate the g-code og export it to the usb.
So i go and start the laser and let it run.
The next day i look at the result and se that some of the smaller text is burned a little to deep, so i want to change it. But i can’t! the only way to make an adjustment is for me to make the entire thing again from scrap, as there is no save function. So once again i import, adjust, type, scale and retype all the settings… why is there no save function? I have remade the same thing so many times, it is just a massive waste of time…

Plz make it so that we can save our projekts.



Seems to me this feature could be easily implemented and it saves time and helps with workflow. I will report this to our software team.

Any news on this topic? It is still a hassel to have to redo all settings every day.


Hi Mik, thanks for following up. We have just recently added the feature of saving custom profiles for 3D printing and we are looking to add the save function to laser engraving as well. Sorry that the progress has been a bit slow.

and where is this storage function located? I also find it annoying to always start from scratch

Kind regards