Luban does NOT save 3D Printing settings

I updated to 4.3.2 for the improved CNC functions (ie. bit diameter is now taken into account when doing fills), but the 3D print settings seem completely broken. None of the setting can be changed and saved. Typing any value into a field, and saving, is immediately changed back to the previous value.

I can at least type new values into the setting panel, but they aren’t saved. But the settings sidebar won’t even retain the value as I change them. As soon as I tab to the next field they revert back.

Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 7.24.37 PM

I have to edit the json file to make changes.

A while back, Luban didn’t allow you to change the system settings at all. I ended up making copies of them, and changing them.

I’m using 4.3.2, and when I change a system profile, the change sticks. Once I make the change, an “undo” button that pops up next to the setting I change. There’s definitely something weird going on in the UI though:
Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 10.00.56 AM

I’m not trying to change the system presets. And honestly, I don’t think this is a new bug in Luban 4. I had the same issues in 3 as well. I would duplicate one of my presets, and would be able to edit the new one for a while. But then eventually, it would no longer be able to be edited, so I’d duplicate that one, etc. etc. It just seems eventually something in the preset gets corrupt, and can no longer be changed/saved.