Luban does not save file settings

I am using Luban to make a test file for laser work and saving the file does not save the Process settings. After saving and reopening the file, the individual elements are all still there, but the work parameters get reset to their default value. Things like Jog Speed, Work Speed, Fill, Passes, and Power are not saved with the file and must be re-entered every time the file is opened.

A couple other issues I’ve noticed that could hopefully be fixed…

  • You cannot select multiple elements (text, shapes, graphics) at once. Each item must be moved individually.
  • Working with the text editor is very jumpy. After each key press, the cursor jumps to the end of the text box. If you try to type something in the middle of existing text, the cursor has to be put back in place with each letter.
  • When editing existing text, the font size gets messed up even if the Font Size value doesn’t change.

Hopefully these things can be fixed in a future update.

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I have asked about the persistence of settings in Luban on several occasions - no response
Designing anything in Luban is unpleasant and inefficient. Asking support for information has been done many times - no response. Luban is an excursion in how not to produce software. It is beta software at best and the CNC segment claims to be alpha software. I have struggled with Luban since I bought my Snapmaker 1 and have abandoned the idea of buying Snapmaker 2 because the software is really not good enough for regular use.

I have found a laser control suite that may work for you. The settings are persistent and can be set individually for every component, which can be on a different layer. The items can be grouped and nested and worked in any order you choose. The cust can be line, line and fill or flood fill and you can oversand so the laser beam is turned off while the velocity of the head changes and turns so that you do not get a varied cut.

Read about it here: SM1 Laser (1600 mW) and working with Lightburn

In general, if you search the Luban thread on the forum too, you will see much information about its use. The roadmap will also detail some of the Luban issues here: Re: Trello (Public Roadmap)

My conclusion after months of trying (since March) is that Snapmaker are a hardware company and they produce interesting hardware that has some excellent features. The software was apparently not been considered to be an integral part of the essential support for the hardware and I am leaving Snapmaker behind because I want to be more productive.

I have several threads where I address Snapmaker staff directly and they have not responded.
My latest request is here: Can the laser follow a z-axis path? Please draw your own conclusions because my experience may not be typical.