S.O.S: Strange rumor while printing!

Hi guys,
after some laser and CNC tests I’m back playing with the 3D printing but today my Snapmaker Original make some kind of loud whistle while printing!
Here there is the video:

After “A screw comes off” I’m start thinking my Snapmaker could have some problems! :frowning:

I’ve bought it from Amazon Italy, what do you suggest me to do?

I think I understood!
After tight all the screws there was interference from the axis and the support of the bed!
Here there is the picture of the sign:

I cleaned up than loosen and re-tight the screws and it seems to works fine now.
I thing tighting the screw cause of “yaw” on the center strip of the axis and it collide with the support of the bed!

I think I fixed but… not so happy on this!