Run out of filament is not triggered more than once for a print

Hi All,
Did you have same strange behaviour as me? When I run out of filament more than once; the printer pause and the screen to reload new filament appears only once. This happens for the first run out, but not for others. ?

I haven’t actually run out twice, but I’ve used the M600 to manually change filaments twice in one print and it’s worked as expected.

The controller can detect the filament run-out no matter how many time you trigger it. If the issue remains, please update the firmware to V1.12.1.


Finally, find the root cause, the filament has not completely passed the sensor but was not pushed anymore by the gear then the runout sensor was not triggered. But just a question, where is the filament run-out sensor upside of the gear or downside of it? ( make sense that it is a downside ).
Anyway thanks for the support and information.

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Sorry that we did not think the root cause is the filament itself.

As for the filament switch, here is an image for your reference:

Ha ok, thanks for the reference, but then need to further analyze why run out was not triggered the second time, because the filament was on the bottom side and if I understand well your image the switch is on top of the module. Kr Philippe.