Rotary Module does not turn at all

Hello all,

I ordered the Rotary Module as a pre-order in February.
It arrived at my home in mid-June. Today I had the first time to test it. Unfortunately, the Rotary Module does not turn at all.
I wanted to laser the example described in the manual.
Has anyone else had a similar problem and if so, what was the solution?

Many thanks for your help

Haven’t had that problem. Does it turn when you use the Jog screen?

Did you update your firmware?

Nope, if I use the jog screen it does not turn continuously. Means, sometimes it turns some degree, but most of the time it does not turn at all and sound strange.

Yes, it is up to date.

Oh, I haven’t heard the sound of your first video before. It sounds like it is stuck.

Unfortunately you have to email

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Okay, thank you anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

I am having the same problem.
Have you a solution yet?

Hi @dcreitz,
check if you have connected module to the correct socket (Addon 2) ?
Rotary module is visible/recognized on every 8-pin socket, but the signals needed for rotation (Step, Dir) are generated only on connector Addon 2.

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Hey there,

My one was a mechanical failure. I‘ve sent the video to the support and they sent me a new one, that worked.

Have you already contacted the support?

Best regards

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Yes, I checked multiple times. I believe there is an issue with the driver board because the motor makes a funny noise but doesn’t move. I pulled back cover and motor and gear box have no binding and are free moving with no power.

Well, I think you should contact with engineers of technical support.
Best regards

what ended up happening with this. my is now doing the same thing.