Rotary Milling Direction

Just received the rotary module and dove right into learning it… and immediately getting a little frustrated with Luban. For standard milling, I’ve been using Fusion360, but I don’t feel like dropping the cash for the 4-Axis extension yet (considering how expensive the rotary module was).

Anyway, right off the rip I noticed during rotation milling, it uses conventional and not climb milling… Which even taking very small amounts causes vibration noise galore. Is there any way to get it to carve in a climb direction?
Also the only “roughing” it seems is the “allowance” option in Luban, this is… lackluster I’ll say. In the toolbox on the snapmaker controller it even has a bit assist to go between roughing/finishing bits, but no real instructions or way to go about it. Anyone know anything about this either?

I think as long as your rotary milling does not need to be simultaneous 4 axis you can still use Fusion360.

No idea on everything else.

I’m just getting to the Rotary module myself but out of curiosity I attempted to import the test chess piece STL file into both Invenor and Fusion 360… No go…
I did also open the Luban created gcode in Notepad, there seems to be some very specific SM based call outs but you may be able to edit rotation etc that Luban will not let you do in it’s workspace settings.

Other option. Get a LH flute cutter and modify spindle/feed rate LOL!

Luban doesn’t feel very usefull at all sadly if you really want to leverage any form of sophistication for the tasks we’d like to give our machines.

I have a scanner on order that I’ll be interested in seeing if Luban can really do surfaces well.


Edit: Disregard what I put, only solution I’ve found so far is using Notepad++ to replace all B with B- and vice-versa. Apparently positive B movements in the gcode are negative B movements on the rotary module. Also annoying it starts at the tailstock end, so if I DO use a tailstock, it immediately chops it off instead of finishing there.