RJ25 Cable Missing

Not sure if this is the place to ask this, I’ve already been in contact with Support with my issue, as my Snapmaker shipped with two RJ45 Cables instead of One. So I cannot use the heated bed at all.

This cable is so rare, its not even on Amazon or anywhere on websites besides a STEM Robot company.

Anyone have a similar issue? Where to get one? Or I will wait for support. I understand they are busy lately, but they said they shipped a spare cable out to me a month ago.

Have you tried a regular RJ45 cable? These look pretty, but I’m not sure they’re special.

Telephone cables are RJ14? So they don’t have the right amount of pins. If that is what you mean

I’m not sure why you would think I mean a telephone cable when I said RJ45. That’s wrong on several levels, lol.

I asked if you tried a regular RJ45 cable in to replace one of these fancy RJ45 cables. That’s a standard cable type, arguably the most common cable you’ll find in any office environment and many homes for networking.

Have you tried a regular network cable to see if these pretty cables are just pretty but standard?

Also: (LOL): Telephone cables are RJ11. Thanks for bringing that memory back, though.

Ok Ok. My bad. I mean the Cable for the Headed Bed compared to the cable for the CNC/Laser/Printer modules are different. I got 2 RJ45s instead of One 45 and One 25 like it should of.

I’m seein’ rj25 on ebay for $2-$4. My heater bed only seems to have 1 cable, which looks like RJ45 to me (although I haven’t popped it out to look …). Photo could be useful (or overkill if you’re sure of your specs, I certainly am not at this point … been a long week).

Heres what I got. Both Cables I got was these two. A regular telephone cable fit in the connector, but did not heat up the bed or provide temprature data.

Yep. RJ25 has more cable pairs than RJ11, but less than RJ45, so it is not surprising that a phone cable failed. Sure enough, mine appears to be RJ25 as well, as is my vertical axis (which is plugged in directly above the heated bed).
*Note: I didn’t assemble and do not use this printer! Someone else is supposed to do that, but by the time it got here we were all too busy to touch it. :frowning: (so far)

I’ll have to look on Ebay then. I guess the RJ25 Standard was just never used as often as the other two.

Sadly support is busy.

Thanks for the help!

I’d let you borrow mine, but I’d get in trouble if you didn’t bring it back quickly. Plus, you’re probably not down here by Disney World. lol

Do post your results. If a generic RJ25 will work, that’s useful info. :wink:

Happy to report that the cables came in today! I got a 3 pack of 2 Foot RJ25 cables from ebay. The heated bed works like a charm with no problems at the moment, I am about to run my first test print now.