SM2 Cable Connectors

I am in need of additional cables for testing purposes. Can anyone help me figure out what form factor these cable connectors are and a supplier? I haven’t seen anything like them before.

Rather than jamming wires into the controller directly I’d prefer to make some breakout connectors that can plug in and expose the pins via a removable cable.

Screenshot 2020-10-03 110627

I’d like to find connectors for the toolheads as well as the heated bed, both male and female, cable and PCB mount.


I would be interested in this also. I would like to make a bypass power board for the LED lights of the enclosure so that when I have to power the unit off I can still have the LED lights on while I exchange tool heads or do other work on the unit. It is frustrating that as soon as the unit goes off the LED lights are off also. I would like to make a small board that would be able to power the LED lights when the unit is off for purposes of working inside the enclosure. I can also think of other reasons to have the specifications and a source for these connectors also:
a) a drag knife tool head
b) a brush or pen tool head
c) small vacuum parts placement head (pcb boards)
so many more…

I know that some of these might be a stretch but I would rather have the option to build something than not :wink:

I also would love to have a source of cables, or even better, just the plugs with solder connections.

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+1, and for similar purposes to the folks above. Are they custom for the SM2? It seems unlikely, but I cannot find any identifying marks on the connectors.

Anybody know? SnapMaker staffers?



I ended up buying spare cables from them so I could cut them in half and splice my own connectors on, like JST, or something. There’s 3 types of cables, the toolhead/linear module connector, the enclosure/heated bed connector, and the power supply connector. It was something like $15+shipping for 5 cables, quite reasonable.

Really? They screwed me pretty good for 5 dollars for one cable!


Gotta buy in volume my man lmao

Looking through other posts it appears that the connector might be a custom design. That sounds odd given the relatively high cost of injection moulding tooling for what is probably only a few thousand/tens of thousands of machines? Also the array of COTS connectors out there is colossal…

I might end up doing the same as you guys and cut’n’shut cables.


I agree. Maybe they have friends next door at a cable manufacturer, who knows.

Considering the cables can be inserted backwards it seems on brand they designed their own.

I ordered 2 linear modules, a 3dp module and a cable, they shoulda hooked me up!

I am pretty sure that its a custom cable design, which makes it even sillier that they didn’t make the connectors asymetrical.

China - the land of going next door for parts the second you want them

thats why apple was avoiding trying to manufacture in the states, its just too convenient

That actually might explain why they only shipped me 3 instead of 5 - I think they misquoted me lmao. They did honor the original order of 5 though and sent 2 more.

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So I now have a couple of spare cables that came with my replacement controller (my fault, I was developing a higher power laser unit and accidentally connected the controller output to +12v instead of connecting it to the NeJe board)…

So, did someone still need a replacement cable? Gimme a couple of beer vouchers and its yours…!