Power cord the the heatbed

Hey there I keep having an issue with the power cord to the heat bed it has broken a few times now the main wires appear to be to stiff for the movement of the printer an you buy new cables for it

Have you done any cable management for the heated bed cable? There are quite a few mods that are very easy to do, that prevent strain on the cable and cable connections. I realize this is a feedback post, but I hope that this can help address your problem.

There really should be factory provided strain relief for that cable. Shame that was an oversight in the recent model upgrades, unless somebody knows otherwise.

The Thingiverse post seems to mention that the cable chain is available through SM support. Did I read that wrong, or are those cable managment items available? Seems a real clean way to orgainize everything. Does one have to print those items out? I haven’t recieved my A350T yet, but would like to orginaize in that fashon.

These components are not available from SM support. At the time of it’s creation, the user had to contact SM support for an additional tool head cable (if they did the tool head cable mod). That cable is now available on the SM store.

The mounting components will have to be printed, and the cable chains purchased. It’s very easy to do, and has saved me considerable headache on both of my 350s.

Agreed. Honestly, I’m not sure why they don’t do cable chains as part of the design. It doesn’t cost much, and would provide an even better experience.

So it’s just the mounting components that have to be printed?
Where does one purchase the cable chains?

Correct. Only the mounting hardware will need to be printed.

Everything you need for information is included here:

I see the pieces were made with PLA. How this material stands the high temps of the bed ? For ABS it would be 90-100 C, deflection temp for PLA is lower than that. Anyone using one of these connections for a long time ? I was planning to print one myself, but I am worried about this potential problem.

So are the lengths of chain for all cable applications on the Snapmaker the default size, or do they need to be modified for each application? Do you need to purchase more then one?

Appreciate the input. I really want to get these for orginazing all of my printers cables.

If you’re doing all three cables, then you’ll need to purchase two of the mentioned 1m chains. You’ll have to add or subtract links to get them to the necessary lengths for each individual cable. I can tell you how many links I used for each, but it’ll be a few days before I can.

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I used PLA on both my 350s. I’ve never had any issues. I’ve done multiple 2-3 day prints in an enclosure too. Granted those were PLA prints. You could always just print it with ABS and that’d solve your problem.

Hi BluegrassBlaster,
can you say how many links you used exactly for all cables.

And can i get a extra long cable from the Snapmaker support or do i need to solder?

Just got my new F350 today and want to fix possible problems before they appear.

Thank‘s in advance.

Hey, sorry for the long delay. Life’s been a bit nuts. I’ll try and get those numbers to you later today. There’s two ways to do it. You can splice 2 cables together by solder, or you can get another splitter (like the x & y splitters) and use that as a connector.