Snapmaker App Request

New to this forum and I assume it’s been requested but I would be wonderful it there was a companion app for IOS/Android that could alert me when something goes wrong.

Balls in your court Snapmaker…


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Remote into your computer and view it from there

You need to be more specific, in what case what exactly you expect to happen?

I was in the middle of 22 hour build when 2 different times the print stopped. 1st time the filament roll got tangled up. As a result there was too much tension on the line and it stopped. The second time it stopped was when a small corner of the build separated from the build plate. The tip was interfering with the print so it shut down. So what would be nice is if the machine could send to my phone some sort of notification that the build has been paused.

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An app where you can see the current temperatures and print progress would be great. Maybe even pause or stop the print.

remote via computer (eg.Teamviewer) is an alternative, but would not always run the pc.