Rename files in local storage without or with wrong extension

I renamed a file and forgot the extension “.nc”, now the file is no longer visible. Is there a way to rename the file again or to make all files visible?

Hi Chris77,
That’s a bug from touch screen, we will fix it in the next firmware version. Sorry for the inconveniences.

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Hi I had this same issue today when renaming and I deleted the ‘.gcode’ file extension (Snapmaker 2.0). Is there way to retrieve the disappeared file or is it permanently gone from local storage?

If you remove a filename extension the file will still be there but hidden, not deleted so will take up storage space on the device. The trick to locating these files is to use file manager (windows pcs and similar on other operating systems) then use the option within to view hidden files on a drive.

As Snapmaker has a usb port which can send data to the touchpad using a USB drive, you should be able to connect your pc via a usb cable and access the hidden files you renamed without the extension within the touchpad and be able to add the extension to make them visible again. There should be a file folder on the touchpad specifically for your .gcode and other uploaded files, just like documents, downloads, etc., you would see on pc’s.

Be careful when doing this as you don’t want to rename or delete critical files that are part of the touchpad operating system.

Are you saying you did this (renaming) from your SM touchscreen?
I didn’t think doing this was possible.

As far as recovering files that are on your SM, no one has figured out how to do this. It has been a requested feature for a while now.


When you connect to your Snapmaker through USB, you are solely communicating with the Controller, not the TouchPad. The only way to connect to the TouchPad is through WiFi, which is problematic, and has very limited functionality. To correct misnamed files on the USB drive, simply plug the USB drive into any PC and rename the file.

If the misnamed file is on the TouchPad, your only option is to Delete local files on the TouchPad while in Developer Mode. There isn’t an option to view hidden files, or to download files from the TouchPad, unless they’ve been added recently.

Hmm , I stand corrected then. I based the reply on my knowledge of PC OS’s and smartphones so assumed that the same would be possible with the touchpad controller.

Hi, yes if you swipe left on the file name list on SM, you get an option to either ‘delete’ or ‘rename’ the file. It works if you don’t delete the ‘.gcode’ extension part of the name (as I’ve now learned) - But if you don’t leave this extension in the new name description then the file just vanishes. Cheers, T.

Thanks for the reply anyway.

So sounds like not really feasible to access the Hidden Files in the Touchpad.

Hi, thanks, so in summary sounds like not feasible for me to access hidden files on the touchpad storage. But where you say ‘unless added recently’ can you expand on this? My file was used/added recently. Cheers. T

I was referring to the features, not the files, so you would need to Delete local files to recover the storage space.