G-code files disappearing when renaming

When trying to re-organize files in my snapmaker 2.0 (A350) the file will vanish/delete when renaming.

I’m simple following normal function. ie: In files, I swipe left on filename to bring up the rename icon, type new name… and then file GONE!. Why?

This seems like a serious problem, has anyone else experienced this? What is the fix?

Did you ensure the filename included the extension when you renamed it?

I can’t check if this is an issue at present as am into an 11 hour print :frowning:

Ah no, I did’nt! - That’s probably what it will be… must need to leave .gcode at the end (I assumed system would deal with that as default). I’ll try and see if that’s all it is. Thanks for quick reply.

Another thing I’m finding happening (since upgraded to latest Luban software), is that the gcode file name changes when exporting from Luban to the machine over WIFI - ie: The machine seems to generate a random number for the file name without keeping my description. Prints fine, just bit annoying when get a list of parts all unnamed as I would like. Any ideas? Cheers

Ahh, can’t say I noticed that until I looked just now. Must admit I don’t pay attention to the filename as the touchscreen shows the picture which is what I look for. Also I clear the files from the touchscreen regularly to save space and avoid any issues which could arise from having too many files.

As a side note: I hope this is not a reoccurring issues on file renaming which was fixed here: Rename files in local storage without or with wrong extension - Snapmaker 2.0 - Snapmaker: where creation happens

Let me know if adding the extension corrected your problem otherwise it may need mentioning to support.

Hi, thanks alot, yes… .just not deleting the ‘.gcode’ file extension worked when renaming :smile: