Printing need a long time

hello together
I would like to print a simple model. The model is only 100mm x 72mm x 75mm. The printing of the rather simple model takes over 7 hours. No matter if I generate the code in Luban or Cura, it always takes this long.
In the settings I used the default fast preference
Does anyone have an idea how I could speed up the printing?

S2A_Tee-Halterv1.gcode (4.0 MB)
Tee-Halterv1.stl (389.3 KB)

there are a few options you can change to speed up the print a bit such as :

  • Increase your Layer Height
  • decrease your wall thickness
  • change your infill density ( you may be surprised but a lot of times if you change your infill density to 100% it can actually speed up the print believe it or not.) however you can play around with this number to find what fits your needs
  • change your infill pattern from the default Tri-Hexagon to Line or Zig Zag
  • you can adjust your speed settings i ususally leave the initial layer alone but for example my last print my speed settings looked as follows :
    40mm/s, 70mm/s, 40mm/s, 45mm/s, 40mm/s, 170mm/s, 30mm/s
  • you can alter your support pattern and density for your specific needs, but the open circles you have on your print your going to want to have supports in there otherwise your not going to get a clean print as it needs to have something to build off of and thin air is not a good platform. yet you can lower the support density down to 5% if you need too just generate your print and look at the preview and see if your giving the printer enough support or you can add your own supports by pressing the bottom button on the menu to the left hand side of the grid and your object.

If you mess around with those setting is listed you should be able to drastically get that time down but be warned don’t go crazy with it as your print quality will suffer so do slight adjustments and generate often to look at the preview im sure you can get it figured out.

Good Luck,
Jonathan E.
Tuesday, May 31, 2022 3:01 AM

P.S. The options I have listed in this go down the list one for one pretty much in Luban just a heads up.

I get the same as you. 7h 15 min with default settings.
You could try

  • speeding up the walls printing (probably you will need to adjust temp a bit higher).
    Just a small increase with outer/inner wall speed at 30/35, it goes down to less than 6h
  • change the nozzle for a 0.6-0.8 one

I didn’t see details of what machine you have. I have the A250 (Kickstarter version, not the new fast rails, not the new extruder print head - although I own both neither have been installed).

I print almost exclusively PLA and on my own modified fast print settings with higher speeds. I still get 5:45 prediction for this print, even with only 12% infill and wall and bottom thickness reduced to 0.6 (from more usual 0.8) mm. (Luban as slicer.)

I’ve been printing with these speeds for a long time and they’re plenty safe, you could probably even bump them up a bit faster, especially if you have the newer rails.