Recommendations for lubricating the sliderblocks on the linear rails?

I seem to remember reading about recommendations for the procedure of lubricating the sliderblocks on the linear rails on J1 but can’t find the thread so I’m creating a new one =)

Anyways, I have a few questions regarding the procedure…

  1. What would be the appropriate Gauge for the syringe?

  2. Is this grease ok to use?
    CRC WebSite: Product Detail

  3. I remember reading about PTFE additives should be avoided. How would I know if there is such additive in the crc grease product linked above?

  4. Is there anything else to cosider when choosing an appropriate greaseproduct for the sliderbearings?

PTFE would usually be an advertised feature rather than a hidden additive.

I found the part of the forum you were talking about, this is the updated list of greases provided by @Mechanikus <3 enjoy

NLGI class 00 (used by Bosch for their miniature ball rail guides):

  • Castrol Tribol GR 100-00 PD
  • Elkalub GLS 135/N00

NLGI class 0 (suggested in the Reprap Wiki and 3D printer forums, e.g. ):

  • Castrol Tribol GR 100-0 PD
  • Elkalub GLS 135/N0

NLGI class 1 (suggested in the Reprap Wiki and 3D printer forums, e.g. ):

  • Castrol Tribol GR 100-1 PD
  • Elkalub GLS 135/N1

NLGI class 2 (used by Bosch for their standard ball rail, roller rail and cam roller rail guides):

  • Castrol Tribol GR 100-2 PD
  • Elkalub GLS 135/N2
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Alright, great. Thanks Miles!

Still wondering what size needle/blunt tip I should get for the syringe. Does anybobody have a recommendation?

Caution, Miles dug out somewhat outdated info there. Please check here: Things to do first with a new J1 - NLGI class 1 or 2 seems best for the linear raills of the J1.

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Ok , great. Based on my somewhat questioable research, the CRC multigrease seems to be NLGI 2 and without any bad additives and already in my possession so I will use that :slightly_smiling_face:

There is still the question about what size of tip to use for the syringe. I did ask Snapmaker but they did not pocess this information nor did they care to find out so I can buy the right type of syring/tip setup.

I’m a little dissapointed in the lack of service in this regard. While i’m willing to lubricate the slidercarriages myself, the least they could do is provide some type of information about the size of the greaseports on the carriages or a recommended size for the syringe/tip.

If anybody had any sucess with lubricating through the grease ports, please let me know what rails/carriages you have and diameter tip on the syringetip that was used. :face_with_monocle:

West3d has pre-packaged syringe with needles. 1 is more than enough for a couple printers.

glad i tagged ya! thanks for letting us know

That one might be fine. However the product title states tips in prural while the product image has only 1 tip. There is no text based information on what sizes of blunt tips are included either. This does not really inspire enough confidence to make a purchase. I desided to go with this one instead:

I purchased a set of different diameter angled Luer lock tips from A* and simply tried to select the fitting ones. I have the “green” sliders - IIRC the X rails would fit a 1.6mm tip, the Y ones a 1mm (definitely thinner).

Just to be able to add that to the “Things to do first” thread: Shouldn’t that be vice versa? Earlier posts noted 1mm for X. and “something larger” for Y, if I remember correctly.

I went and measured both with a caliper: the thicker one is 1.7mm (orange), the thinner is 1mm sharp (black). I might have mixed the X and Y, but once you try these tips you will know which is which :wink: