Ray - Materialtests

Hi @ll,
I had some difficulties to set the correct parameters for some materials. Maybe we can collect some parameters here.

V2A, K240, sanded, 1mm thickness. LB Material test.


I like the idea of a shared depot of material tests.
VERY nice job on the SS test - Thank you for sharing.
Be sure to mention 40w or 20w tool head!

I have at least one oddball fun one I should be able to upload when I’m back at my desk. (double-sided whiteboard mdf both cut and engrave patterns)

I’m working with the 40W on the A350 and was wondering if you could post the .snaplzr file for this test?

i used Lightburn for this becus Luban doesn’t have a material test yet. Maybe i will create one by hand because Luban has a special option for distance (with dots and not like luban with lines), which gives a smoother color on stainless stell.

40W by the way

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