Greyscale Laser Test Grids

I’ve been really struggling getting the right settings to engrave on some material I have.

I decided to use some test grids, but all the ones I could find just use solid blocks as the test examples, and my main priority is to see the level of detail that can be gleamed in those settings, so I’ve produced 3x test grids which include a solid block and image for each setting.

The grids are a comparison of different fill intervals , fill intervals vs dwell time , and dwell time vs laser power .

I’ve uploaded all 3 as Luban projects to Thingiverse here, hope they help

Edit: I should note, these are designed and set up for the 1600mw laser module. If you’re using the 10w module for engraving, there’s a good chance you won’t want such high power settings so you may want to modify the project files before running them.


There are several material test files including grayscale and B&W here TheSoldiersSpot - Etsy. Hopefully this helps!

I’ve been looking for a long time for some test files and came across these. They work as intended on my Artisan machine. I currently use the 10W module