Ray 40 w Alarm Keeps Firing

40w / 3mm Birch Ply / Lightburn
After about five seconds, the alarm triggers.
Gave the bottom of the unit a quick cleaning.
Fire it up… ALARM.
Pulled the unit apart, cleaned the fan, blew dust from the heat sinks, etc.
Squeeky clean.
Fire it up… ALARM.
No fire - heat has had no time to build up - it’s clean.
Has anyone else experienced this and figured it out? Where are the sensors?

Maybe your machine is in a bright environment?

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Interesting. My SM2 is not in direct light and in an enclosure and I’m getting flame stops often; usually correctly but sometimes I wonder. Interesting that ambient light would be a trigger. Good information regardless, thanks!

I have seen this happen when my laser settings are to high and if its moving too slow.
Also depending on materials, it can react with the laser. if you miss the material and shoot at the Engraving and Cutting Platform it can also occur. the unit will also set off an alarm if your X or Y Axis is out of range. (All things I have experienced.)

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