Laser won't go back on after flame detection is triggered, unless power is cycled

I think there must be a bug either in Luban or in the Snapmaker Ray firmware, because I can’t get my laser to turn back on after the “flame detection” alarm is triggered, unless I completely power-cycle the system. Pressing the Start button causes the Ray to continue along the previously defined job, but without the laser coming back on.

For the moment, I have turned off flame detection completely to get around this, but obviously having to turn off a safety feature isn’t a good long-term solution.

Never mind. Looks like this has been addressed in the 1.6.5 firmware update.

Having the same issue (running 1.6.5).
Also the fire alarm is triggered every 2 mins. Can’t find a way to turn it off. I set 0 on the settings in Luban, but we are using the laser with Lightburn.
Doing a 15min job takes about 2hours as we have to restart everything every 1.5-2 mins due to the sensor triggered…