Artisan 40w laser defective?

I just received a new Artisan Premium with 40w laser. I’m trying to use the laser for the very first time. I installed the module and laser bed while the unit was powered off. On initial startup, new firmware was installed. Then, after restart the unit displays an ‘Oops, Something went wrong’ message and ‘Laser Safety Error’. The flame detection alarm also starts immediately. To be clear, the laser is not being used I’m just powering on the system. On every attempt to power cycle the error and alarm repeat.
The full error message is “LaserSafetyState {key=7, state=32 tubeTemperature=28 tubeRollAngle=3.0, tubePitchAngle=-1.0, fireSensorValue=0.0}”
Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.


I am not aware of the artisan, but this sounds like a problem for They are not active in this forum.
But I also have the 40W and the flame detector is just an optical sensor. If you have bright or direct sun light, just try to darken the artisan. And keep the door closed.

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That may have been it. Even though I’m using the Artisan enclosure with the door closed, I had rolled the whole thing out onto my driveway to test it. I don’t yet have good ventilation or filtering setup in my workshop. Once I brought it back in from the sunshine the issue stopped. I’ll test adding a shade cover over the enclosure since I like the option of rolling the whole thing outside when it’s going to make a lot of smoke.

Once it is started, you shall be able to adjust / disable the Flame detection. See the wiki article: