I am getting error codes and foame detection when i turn my machine on

i am getting an error code and flame detection before i even drart a job. dome times it allows mevto get past the error codes after turning machine on and off but then shuts down job for flane detection everytime, the error code is preventing me from moving forward with settingscto moce past flane detection super frustrating i have played w other lasers before and its been easy this seems like its just not working properly. i would like to include 2 pictures of both error codes but new users are only allowed to include 1 embeded in post, ugh.

Hope this helps:

Visible Flames Detected
I got this from Snapmaker Support:

May I ask if your machine is in an environment with relatively strong lighting? If there’s light shining on the laser head, it might trigger the flame sensor. Please try avoid operating the machine in brightly lit conditions.

In my case this is exactly the Problem. The Printer is placed direct near a large Window. If the sun is shining through the window i always get the Flames detected Error. So i shade the sunlight with a cardboard that covers the side panel of the printer

You can also set the fire sensor sensitivity in Luban connected to the printer in the console withe command: M2000 L16 P10