Random lines on tiles and wood

Anyone help a newbie I’ve tried the Norton whit and the pained black tiles and I’m getting random lines in them, any ideas?

Huh, looks strange… which laser? 1.6/10W? Looks a bit like the laser failing mid-job… overheating? Or do you have an issue with the door sensor? If the device randomly thinks your door is open, it will at that times reduce/limit laser power…

I have air assist and when I turn it up fully it does not do this on wood, I took the nozzle off and it did not do it on wood, just curious if anyone else had this issue, sorry it’s a FoxAlien laser not a SnapBridge

Is it in your gcode? Otherwise its your machine.
Try a gcode preview, maybe google it.

This is a snapmaker forum so we dont know your machine etc…