Rails noise increased with time

I switched to the new rails time ago and the reduction on the noise level was noticeable.

Lately I had the feeling that the noise was increasing and this week I was convinced that it was when I found myself using ear muffs to help me focus.

The noise seems to be produced by the Y rails movement. It is a frictional noise, not sharp, similar to the noise of a boat engine.

It does not seem that the quality of the prints is affected. The machine is inside its enclosure, protected from dust, the rails are clean (I don’t work with CNC) and I don’t see any other symptoms that could be related to this noise.

I’m going to start doing some simple diagnostic tests to confirm the problem. I would appreciate feedback if the same thing has happened to you or if you have any idea where the problem could come from and how to fix it.

In the description, the Y-axes are mounted on the base plate and then in the center position over the holes in the base plate the plate is mounted on the Y-axes and then the screws are tightened.
You can do this, but if the Y-axes make noise when moving, simply loosen the screws of the plate on the Y-axis again, do not remove them.
Then move the Y-axis all the way forward in the direction of the Snapmaker labeling over the panel until the limit switches switch off and only then tighten the screws of the plate on the Y-axes.

Since it can be that the Y-axis limit switches do not both switch at the same point despite exact alignment of the Y-axes to each other, it can lead to tensions in the two axes which then leads to noise when moving the axes!

P.S. The same can be done if the Z-axis makes noises. Loosen the X-axis slightly, move the Z-axis to the upper limit switch, tighten the X-axis again!

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I have the same issue and i followed your procedure twice already.
But i have no results.

Are you having any further ideas?

Sorry for not updating on the issue. I dismounted the bed but saw nothing special. Not sure if dismounting and mounting again fixed something. I found a major improvement putting a 4 mm thick rubber sheet as the base of the enclosure and printer. Later, I added a 4 mm cork sheet over the rubber one. After this, I didn’t worry about the rails anymore as the print quality had been always the same.

Received the F250 yesterday. The noise from the Y Axis are terrible. Is there a chance to fix it? I have allready used the guide for change one of the Y Linear Module with the one from the X Axis to geht no Gap.But, there was and is no Gap.

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