Raft setting random axis shift

I’ve just got started with the snapmaker. But haven’t managed a successful print yet.

I’ve levelled the bed twice now, just encase I got that wrong.

I started printing a file but first few layers lifted, so tried to add raft in luban, it starts printing just fine but then shoots off center, usually so far an X axis shift between 10-30mm. Anybody else seen this?

I’ve tried using Cura but need to set up profile, any tips? I’ve set the correct bed size but when I load Goode to usb get either no nozzle or no bed temp?


Share your photos and gcode.

Don’t start messing with Cura until you’ve been successful with Luban. (Unless you’re super experienced with Cura)

Tried again with luban, printed off a bench, not perfect but worked ok.

Had a few random bits of filament sticking out here and there
Freenspan’s weren’t very good, bit rough
Bottom text wasn’t great either.

Is it just a case of tweaking settings? And trying again?

I wasn’t getting the random axis shifts though this time, I did apply latest firmware so that might have helped.

New firmware shouldn’t have changed anything as far as actual printing as far as I can tell from release notes.
Have you calibrated extruder?

I have also been having large shifts. Can’t figure out where it is coming from!IMG_9461

I have both Snapmaker Orgininal & Snapmaker 2.0. 2.0 prints great, original has given me a shift every time as well. Although it is not consistent, sometimes it is in the X, other times it’s been in the Y, but never both. I’m wondering if it might have to do with the models being rotated to get them flat on the table.

Update: I added a z-hop of .05mm and have not had a problem since doing that. This confirms what I read in another thread that the print head was more than likely hitting the print and causing the step motors to lose count.

I think that can help, but my issue was one of the linear motors overheated and turning off about 20 minutes into use. I couldn’t see it until I switch the problem motor out with the left to right (x motion) because it was working by itself. The y and z axis have to motor. So it would work for the most part until it would get jammed. They are sending a replacement linear and I will see how it does.