Shift during printing with Snapmaker 2.0 A 350

I have some problems with my snapmaker 2.0 A 350.
It’s been 3 days since I received it and i can’t print correctly.
When i try to print, the part has shifting on Y axis during the process.
I have made different tries but the results is the same.

Anyone have any idea about this?

Welcome to the forums @SIMON .
For more help you will need to post at least another picture that shows the top and information on your settings, material, etc.

The first question is have done any calibration? There are lot’s of great threads about the different calibration pieces, if you aren’t familiar with the process this one kind of walks through it.

hi Jesi15,

Thank you for your response.
I give you more informations on the settings/material used :
PLA Settings

Below, new picture of part printing :

I use Luban as a slicer.
For calibration, i used the auto bed levelling to 4x4 grid. Auto Level is activated.
Material is black PLA from Snapmaker.

I think there is a problem with motor on Y axis…

Have you observed the layer shift? Does the rails make any grinding or clicking noises. Is the bed shifting?

Yes, i didn’t note any particular noises of grinding.
I cannot be sure that the bed moves involuntarily.
I tried to use 5x5 calibration and the shifting on the part are less than the part printed precedently.

Because this is a relatively small part, what is likely happening is that it is printing each layer too quickly without enough cooling (a known issue with the SM2) so the edges are curling up, catching the hot end and shifting the bed. Try turning on z hop.