Quick Unboxing 1600mW Laser Cutting Module


Soon, you will see the light!

Keep having fun


Is your brown box also a print head like mine :wink: ?


Mine was yes.

“Ist deine braune Box auch ein Druckkopf wie meiner” - so übersetzt Google das. Es ergibt für mich aber ebenso wenig Sinn.
Was soll es bitte heißen ?


No, brown box is the box of the box :wink:
It was filled with the white box, it self filled with cutting module


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Auf den Aufklebern steht “Printing Module”, obwohl in der braunen Schachtel, eine weiße mit dem Laser ist.
Dachte erst an eine Fehllieferung…

Ich deute das mal positiv : die 1,6Watt-Laser sind so begehrt, dass denen die passenden Schachteln ausgegangen sind. Hoffentlich hört aber bald mal das Chaos bei unseren Händlern auf. Da scheint auch keiner genau zu wissen was er verkauft : 200mW oder 500mW - leider aber wohl noch nicht 1600mW serienmäßig - kostet ja vermutlich auch mehr.

I just got my 1600mW laser, let’s share some projects here.
Also I am wondering if anyone has had any success laser melting one material onto another.


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Is it possible to set different parts of a laser engraving at different laser power levels with the 1600mW module?

No you can’t with the latest version of Snapmakerjs (v2.4.6).

Experiments in cork.
As you can see engraving works well, cutting is not successful so better done by hand :slight_smile:


what’s the cutting settings did you use for it?
and how did you cut it by hand (any suggested tools)? will you cut it with the CNC module?

speed at 60, power 100.
It cuts about 1 mm into the material, that also goes for wood.
In two passes you could do it, in this case I prefer simple scissors/Xacto knife.
CNC won’t work because the cork is very fragile and tear-prone.

Next I will be trying felt and spacer fabric.

Get it. Looking forward to your next try with fabric materials. :wink:

Oh my God this forum is so frustrating (hard to search anything)! Is there someplace I can go to see what all I need to do to use my cutting laser module. I have seen on Facebook post that you have to run different software but, what software Ver and is it just the Makerjs software or do I have to do firmware updates as well? Were can I find these if so? Please some guidance from someone in the know would be so greatly appreciated! Thankyou so much!

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